Monday, April 3, 2017

Some Updates

Hello all! Here is an actual blog post/update. You may or may not have noticed that the posts here have gradually grown longer spaces in between... this is due to me both not blogging as many photoshoots as I've been doing and getting busier with narration/voice acting work. I will make an effort to do more personal posts, as I miss doing a bit of photography just for myself and for memories to look back on, and I may also start doing posts of new narration work that have been released. (I've been sharing some of the videos on Twitter and Facebook.)

I haven't talked about it much here thus far, but I'm actually very excited and happy to be doing so much narration, as I love being in the studio and doing voice work. Therefore, I'm quite grateful that I'm being able to support myself with it. Doing narrations for corporate videos, commercials, or slipping into roles for character voices, etc... each job is a new and enjoyable challenge for me that helps strengthen my skills as well.

So, from this year, it seems that I will be taking on fewer photoshoot bookings, due to schedule availability.

While on a photoshoot in the park the other morning, a really kind girl stopped me and asked if I was Lisa. I probably looked rather dumbfounded as I sputtered out, "Um.. yes?" Turns out she recognized me from my Youtube videos, and that has only happened less than a handful of times in this humongous city of Tokyo. And she was visiting, no less! Well, I know that it's been many many moons since I was very active on Youtube, and it's even been slow going since posting some new covers as Bird on the Edge... but yes, I still am working on music! Sometimes work gets in the way, because hey, gotta pay the bills and rent and eat and so on (and really, I'm thankful to be very happy with my job), but little by little, there have been new original songs and new styles, lots of learning and evolving, lots of new discoveries. I was touched that even after all these years and sporadic updates (I'm sorry!), I've been somehow remembered and even recognized in a Tokyo park. I'm flattered, honestly. Thank you guys, for sticking with me over the years even as I seemingly started posting only photos instead of music, and other randomness!! I'm excited to be sharing new original music with you guys soon, so stay tuned :)

Good night from Tokyo, and I hope you have a lovely beginning of April!