Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tokyo Disneyland Family Photography: Land of Dreams

The other day, I had the honor of photographing Elisabeth and Dexter's family during their visit to Tokyo Disneyland! Their sweet little boy, Lloyd, was so excited and ran around the entire time while clutching his beloved Pooh bear. The whole family was in Japan for a trip, including Lloyd's grandparents, and everyone was so nice that it made the photoshoot truly enjoyable for me. Not to mention, it was actually my very first time visiting Tokyo Disneyland, and the last times I went to California's Disneyland and Florida's Disney World were many years ago, when I was just a kid, so it was a fantastic first experience for me. Elisabeth and Dexter, many thanks to you and your family for having me as your photographer during your Tokyo Disneyland visit! :)

Here are just a few of my favorites taken during the shoot:

Friday, June 19, 2015

Mountain Farm

It's the beginning of rainy season in these parts, and a light rain mists down over the treetops, then pours, then stops again. Rarely do I see such trees growing together so thickly, so concentrated in one area. The grass beneath our feet glistens with just-fallen rain. Animals mill about, calm and contentedly, the occasional call of a sheep or goat ringing out over the land. Baby cows gaze at us with wide, bright eyes and extend their tongues to lick our fingers. It's a quiet, beautiful day in these hills.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Sea & Wildflowers

An endless blanket of silver, rippled by the wind. The air, heavy with the humidity of Japan's summer, tinged with salt. We search and find quiet, peace, color in unexpected places. We look and find joy in discovering scenery our eyes haven't fallen upon before.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Drifting Waters

Sweet June is here, the month that will always remind me of school being over and summer break sweeping in, warm sunshine, walks outside, slow California afternoons. The salty wind whipped at our faces that day, but the weather was warm enough not to feel unbearably cold. I stood mesmerized by the roll of the waves, over and over, washing smoothly over the shell-scattered sand as the buildings of Tokyo poked out from the distant horizon.