Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tokyo Model Photography: Darin and Bianca

 I had such a wonderful time today shooting these photos for Darin and Bianca! Even though the mid-February wind was quite icy this afternoon and we did a lot of walking around outside, these gorgeous and talented girls were so fun to work with. They didn't mind exploring and trying out a variety of backgrounds we discovered on the way. Darin is from Ukraine and Bianca is from South Africa, both places that seem like very mysterious and faraway lands to me, so I really enjoyed hearing about their home countries and also what they think about Japan. Although the weather outside became steadily colder, the light was unbelievably perfect and the sky a great cloudless blue. In the end, we even managed to find some vivid plum blossoms just beginning to bloom! Exciting to see the approach of spring in those flowers, and the promise of plenty more blossoms to come.

Thank you so much, Bianca and Darin! I loved working with you both and am looking forward to next time :)

Models: Darin and Bianca (axelle)