Monday, June 30, 2014

Tokyo Fashion Photography: The Color of Blue

Today's blog post is in collaboration with Lovey Dovey Fashion, who sent me this lovely white dress to use on a photoshoot. I thought it would look beautiful on Marina, and the result was even dreamier than I expected. It was a blue-gray afternoon due to the sudden rainstorm, but luckily the pouring had slowed to a slight drizzle here and there. As the early evening grew darker, city lights began to blink on around the streets.

Thank you so much Marina, it's always a pleasure to hang out and shoot together! :)

A big thanks to Lovey Dovey Fashion for the feminine and summery dress! I like the cute flowery detail on the upper part, and soft flowy material of the skirt area. Please check out their website below for more pretty and reasonable styles:

Model: Marina

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Today was another day of on and off rain in Tokyo! The weather was unbelievable: warm, sunny blue skies with white fluffy clouds floating overhead, then all of a sudden thick gray storm clouds covered the sky and rain started pouring down. Of course I didn't bring my umbrella and had a few fun running through the rain moments :) Luckily it's summer, when it's comfortably warm enough that I don't mind getting a bit soaked!

I'm still catching up on photos; here is a set from my first visit to Sagamiko a few weeks back. The area around the station reminded me a bit of Takaosan (not far off from Sagamiko), the Yamanashi area, and the small town atmosphere near Zushi station. I absolutely love the quiet, countryside atmosphere of places like these. They really fill me with a sense of peace.

Near the lake, it was very tranquil with few people around. Small, vintage-looking arcades, sweets shops, and a boat rental shop lined the shore. Out on the water, I felt giddy - I hadn't been on a boat out in a lake for ages, maybe since before I moved to Japan. The mountains rose up on the other side, thickly covered with trees. A hawk sailed past and wheeled about the nearby water. What a blissful few hours.

Tokyo Portrait Photography: In Love With Green

A relaxing shoot out in the grasses with the adorable Rubi. In the middle of nature is where I want to be as much as possible. :)

Saturday, June 28, 2014


In the second part of the collaboration with Glisten Jewel, I took the gorgeous Fantasia necklace out to look for some ajisai, or hydrangeas in Japanese. These pastel-colored bunches bloom here and there on the streets in the most beautiful shades of pink, blue, and purple. The weather is so unpredictable in Japan these days, with the weather forecast predicting rain every day, but sometimes random periods of soft sunlight filtering through the clouds, followed by sudden rainstorms. Apparently these flowers will last only a little while longer, like all seasonal plants here. It's hard to believe that in a few months, the vibrant greens will be replaced by orange and brown, a chill will blow through the air, and trees will light afire in fall colors. Let's enjoy the beauty in each season!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Tokyo Newborn Photography: Little Winged One

Recently, I had the absolute joy of taking a few newborn photos for this beautiful family. In the middle of the Tokyo rainy season, luckily it was a clear and beautifully lit afternoon outside on the summer grass. Leni and Heath were two of the brightest and sweetest kids I've ever met, with their infectious smiles and overflowing energy (not to mention fantastic singing and performance skills of "Let It Go" in the middle of the shoot! :). The star of the day, adorable baby Alistair was carefully cradled and sung to by his older brother and sister. Andrea and Brian, thank you very much for having me as photographer for your wonderful family. I am so happy to have met you all!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

paint with stars x Chaceylove: Tokyo Streets & Polka Hearts

Introducing Chaceylove, a lovely fashion brand based in Singapore! When I first saw the many vibrantly fresh and colorful styles on their website, I was instantly drawn to both the pretty looks and affordable prices. As students and young working adults, it's really a breath of fresh air to be able to find such reasonable spring and summer-style pieces. I highly recommend checking out their gorgeous styles at the website below!

Chaceylove, thank you so much for your beautiful dresses! Please look out for Part 2 of the collaboration with Chaceylove coming soon :)

Huge thanks to Mimei for taking the photos of me this time, during our wandering of the streets! Thank you for the great photos (^^)

All of the photos in this blog post were shot with my new Sony RX100M3 as a test of the photo image quality. It's definitely got a different taste from Canon, but very interesting and fun with the wide angles!