Monday, September 8, 2014

Benjamin at 4 Months

Introducing the first DSLR photos of Benjamin the cockatiel, who is now 4 months old! He came home about a month ago and is now very used to his new surroundings. Benjamin loves to throw things off my desk for me to pick up. And run clattering across my keyboard. He wasn't surprised at all to pry off my F6 key, which now can't be put back. He also liked to chew on my earrings and try to pluck them off (ouch!), so now I've resorted to keeping them off..

What a sweetie :)

Just after a shower :)

I've also made a new Youtube channel for short video clips of Benjamin, which you can see here!

In my childhood, I kept a few budgies whom I absolutely adored. But Benjamin is different. He's quite cuddly and actually asks to get his head rubbed. When he's not playing or chewing on something, he's content to sit still on my shoulder and preen, or fall asleep. He's already learned to come here, turn around, and give a kiss (on the hand). Here's hoping I can take good care of this sweet bird!