Monday, August 4, 2014

Hachioji Matsuri

Last weekend, I passed through the Hachioji Matsuri and spent a little time there taking a few photos!

First, a healthy Japanese-style lunch with steamed vegetables.

One of the first performances I saw going on in the streets, with traditional actors wearing masks and dancing to the music.

Nothing to do with the festival, but a Sherlock Holmes restaurant?! :)

One of the portable shrines, or mikoshi, to be carried around during the festival. 

Traditional Japanese festival wear.

Even these kids were dressed up!

Festival food: chocolate covered bananas!

Baby turtle scooping! Scoop three turtles to get one to take home. Sounds easy, but the scoop was made of really meltable wafer material and it was really hard :(

Many ladies wearing beautiful yukata!

Goldfish scooping!

Glass wind chimes in a nearby shop.

One of the mikoshi taking off!

Those things are really heavy!

Especially as they include ladies sitting inside pounding the drums.

It was another sweltering hot Tokyo day, but I really enjoyed seeing these traditional aspects of Japanese summer through the matsuri. :) Oh, and I even saw huge black beetles in plastic cages for sale! Really tempted to get one of those, but wasn't confident I could care for them well..