Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tokyo Fashion Photography: Vivat Veritas Wedding Dress

On another rainy Tokyo day recently, I did a magical photoshoot with Marina featuring this gorgeous wedding dress by Vivat Veritas. Although the weather had been clear earlier in the day, as soon as we got to our location, it started pouring! Crazy weather! Had to do a bit of umbrella-balancing while holding the camera under the rain, which I'm somewhat used to luckily :)

At Vivat Veritas, Chie hand makes all her designs, and I couldn't believe how gorgeous this dress was in real life! It was so good to meet Chie and do this shoot together, and Marina looked just amazing in the dress. Despite the rain, I'm very happy with the images we made together! Thank you both so much. Please check out Chie's lovely designs at the link below!

Wedding Dress: Vivat Veritas
Model: Marina