Friday, July 4, 2014

Tokyo Fashion Blogger & Model: Laura

Introducing Laura Ribeiro, a model, blogger, and photographer living in Tokyo. Born in Brazil and raised in London, Laura's multicultural and travel-filled background give her a unique perspective both in front of the camera and behind it. Having studied photography in college, Laura told me that she started getting requests as a model and gradually began to focus more on modelling work than shooting as a photographer. However, she still keeps a fantastic blog documenting her travels, work, and everyday fashion. Please check it out here: laura takes pictures

It was so relaxing to take an afternoon stroll, sit down on the grass, and let the sunlight sink in for a little while. Laura, thank you so much for making time to shoot together! It was so lovely to meet you and chat for a bit :) Looking forward to hanging out again!

Laura's other links: Nylon blog / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube