Monday, July 7, 2014

Red Light, Green Light

My hair is now streaked with grassy green, and I sort of like it. Of course, I was aiming for blue and purple streaks, but when the hair salon finished, I could barely see any color over the golden-bleached hair... so I went home and Manic Panic-ed the heck out of it. I was going for "Atomic Turquoise", but as a result, I somehow ended up with a kind of blue green. It's fading fast, and the yellow is starting to show through! Well, it's a lot of fun experimenting :)

This floral-patterned cardigan from Sheinside is the perfect outer addition to a casual summer outfit with jean shorts or a skirt. When picking out this piece, I was drawn to the tassels and the bright, cheerful pattern. With how hot and humid it's becoming in Tokyo these days, this light cardigan lent just the right amount of cover against the slight evening breeze and train air conditioning chill. Thanks so much to Sheinside for the lovely kimono cardigan! There's one more piece that will be coming up in a separate post soon.