Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tokyo Portrait Photography: Ashiya

Endless summer. That's what it feels like now, as we approach the second half of June - bright green adorning all the trees and grasses, warm sun and increasing humidity in the air. Ah, and of course those summer insects when photoshooting in wooded areas! (Already got bitten by my first mosquitoes of the season.) But really, I am happy to be outside and exploring pretty places, as always!

Today, I'd like to share a photoshoot I did with Ashiya (fujiashiy), a Youtuber in Tokyo to whom I was introduced by Mimei. Ashiya makes videos in Russian and Japanese, but she also speaks English (trilingual, cool!). She creates interesting videos about fashion, travel, food, and life in Japan, which you can check out at her Youtube channel and Twitter. It was a lot of fun meeting up to do both photoshooting and video-making at the same time :) Thank you so much, Ashiya!