Monday, June 30, 2014

Tokyo Fashion Photography: The Color of Blue

Today's blog post is in collaboration with Lovey Dovey Fashion, who sent me this lovely white dress to use on a photoshoot. I thought it would look beautiful on Marina, and the result was even dreamier than I expected. It was a blue-gray afternoon due to the sudden rainstorm, but luckily the pouring had slowed to a slight drizzle here and there. As the early evening grew darker, city lights began to blink on around the streets.

Thank you so much Marina, it's always a pleasure to hang out and shoot together! :)

A big thanks to Lovey Dovey Fashion for the feminine and summery dress! I like the cute flowery detail on the upper part, and soft flowy material of the skirt area. Please check out their website below for more pretty and reasonable styles:

Model: Marina