Monday, June 16, 2014

Tokyo Cafe Review: 一葉 (Kazuha)

I had a chance to visit a lovely little cafe in Hachioji, an area quite far off from the center of Tokyo. I've never come to this station before, but this time I was passing through and had a chance to rest here for a few quiet minutes before continuing on. On a hot summer day like this one, the gentle, nature-based atmosphere of this shop was the perfect respite from the heat and humidity outdoors. I love the name and logo of this shop as well! The cold green tea was some of the best I ever had, served in a beautiful clear cup and teapot. Overall, the experience was completely relaxing and very felt traditionally Japan. Thank you Kazuha for a lovely green tea moment! :)

I fell so much in love with the green tea and azuki parfait that I totally forgot to take a proper photo of it. So here's a quick shot that I took by iPhone before devouring it much too quickly :)