Thursday, June 26, 2014

paint with stars x Chaceylove: Tokyo Streets & Polka Hearts

Introducing Chaceylove, a lovely fashion brand based in Singapore! When I first saw the many vibrantly fresh and colorful styles on their website, I was instantly drawn to both the pretty looks and affordable prices. As students and young working adults, it's really a breath of fresh air to be able to find such reasonable spring and summer-style pieces. I highly recommend checking out their gorgeous styles at the website below!

Chaceylove, thank you so much for your beautiful dresses! Please look out for Part 2 of the collaboration with Chaceylove coming soon :)

Huge thanks to Mimei for taking the photos of me this time, during our wandering of the streets! Thank you for the great photos (^^)

All of the photos in this blog post were shot with my new Sony RX100M3 as a test of the photo image quality. It's definitely got a different taste from Canon, but very interesting and fun with the wide angles!