Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day and Night

The other day, on June 15th, I turned another year older. Really, the 20s are flying by rather alarmingly quickly. In terms of pace, I'd say the teenage years probably felt the draggingly slowest, perhaps due to such things as school tests, angst, and the feeling that your whole entire future is still out there somewhere, far ahead and completely unknown. Then again, I think numbers probably don't really mean anything in the end, and it's all about each person's own pace of development and progression in life. And whether the past was the best time of your life and you miss it terribly, or the past was just embarrassingly bad, either way - now is where you are, and forward is the only way you'll go in time. (At least for now, before time travel becomes a doable thing.) No matter what number your age happens to be at the moment, I think what you decide to do with your current life is most important.

I'm sure we've all said or heard a statement similar to, "I want to achieve ____ by age ____." Or "I'm already too old for ____." I've definitely had moments where I looked at very young musicians or photographers and thought, Wow.. What if I had started working seriously on my craft at a younger age? The current society really does place a lot of focus and spotlight on youth, not to mention the entertainment industry these days in Japan (young idols and idol groups dominating the market). But the fact is, there is no use regretting what you haven't done, and there must always be something you can still do now, as long as you put your heart into it. As long as you are living, there is always hope.

I find inspiration from others who are hardworking, creative, not afraid to go against the flow, and continue to work proactively to achieve their goals. Ultimately, it's up to only yourself whether to work hard or achieve a certain goal, but it also helps to surround yourself with positive, passionate people who believe in their dreams. In high school, I had the first spark of an idea that I wanted to do music, but my parents always encouraged me to study hard, do well on tests, and get into a good college. Now I'm extremely grateful for all their support and love, and I can understand their perspectives. But as a young undergraduate student at the time, I sometimes felt extremely frustrated and lost as to what I should really pursue in studies and in life. I tentatively mentioned to them that I wanted to major in literature or Japanese language, but I was told that I must absolutely major in something science-related, period. Both my parents are computer scientists and engineers, after all. I highly respect them for it, traveling to a new country those many years ago, studying and working so hard, making sure their kids would have the best education and best life possible. It is amazing, what they did and continue to do. In the meanwhile, though, I was stressing out over my math and computer science courses, finding solace in my daily Japanese class and humming melodies to pieces of new songs on my way around campus. I met others just as lost as me, and I met others who not only had dreams, but weren't afraid to dream happily and vibrantly. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was in Japan. Challenges will always continue to pop up, but what has changed is my perspective - to steer the wheels of life in the direction where I don't run from them, but take those challenges head on and run with them.

I'm so happy to pass another birthday here in Tokyo, where I still continue to learn and grow so much. I hope you will also never give up on yourself, and continue to do all that you can in your current situation. Happy mid-June :)

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