Friday, June 6, 2014

Changing Seasons

Recently, it looks like 梅雨, or the rainy season, has finally started here in Japan. The forecast looks like rain throughout the weekend and early next week.. a bit of a surprise to me, as I didn't expect the rainy season to be here already. In Japan, the cycle goes like this: springtime, rainy season, hot summer season. That third part coming up is a bit intimidating..!

It's cooled down just a bit with the recent rain, but just before that, it has already started to feel like mid-summer! One of my favorite outers for the warm season lately, I'm often wearing this jean shirt as a jacket over T-shirts or dresses. I think I'm already starting to get used to the heat, though! (For now :) After the long winter, it feels so nice to dress lightly and break out the leggings, shorts, and dresses. Can't wait to go to the beach too!