Thursday, June 12, 2014

Blue-Green Rainy Day

On another rainy afternoon... what better time is there to practice self portraits and indoor lighting at the same time! I don't think I have any other pieces of clothing that are this beautiful shade of aquamarine, but I discovered some socks that match it. Yay for cozy socks on a rainy day!
The sound of raindrops filtering in from outside... it is comforting. I imagine it sinking into the ground, nourishing the soil, helping new life to push up toward the sunlight. Even when it keeps me from shooting outside, in a way, I can still bring the outdoors in. June - it's always been my favorite month. Memories of warm sunshine, school ending and summer break beginning. And now, for the past few years, adding the memories of Japan's rainy season as well. I'm so looking forward to what every new day will bring :)

Earrings: handmade, received as a gift / Socks: Uniqlo / Shorts: Bershka / Top: Alfani