Monday, May 5, 2014

painted dreams: a new sort of exploration

Crashing Down
Butterfly Dreams
Garden of Spirits
The Field
Photos: Lisa (paint with stars)
Model: Dora

Ever since becoming seriously involved with photography work, for some reason I have always stuck with very natural, somewhat similarly-lit types of photos. Those were always my preference, my hope to catch what my eyes see and portray it in a raw, beautiful way. However, very recently, I have been exploring and experimenting with a style that seems to breathe "paint with stars".. at least, those very words. To be honest, I've been somewhat scared to unveil them, seeing as they're so completely different from my "usual". And I'm still just starting out with trying and teaching myself various methods to achieve this new sort of attachable/detachable filter that seems to have clamped on over my field of view - for the first time when it comes to my personal photography work, I'm starting to see possibilities, themes, and stories. Well, I saw them to a certain extent with my work up to now, but it's all of a sudden coming to me quite strangely and vividly. This kind of painting stories into images, it takes a lot more time and effort than I'm previously used to, but it's also quite exciting to make attempts, make mistakes, flounder around a bit, get aha! moments. For all that my photos have been always on the natural and realistic side, which I still do like, I've also always been a daydreamer and in love with science fiction and fantasy.

I'm happy to share this new burst of exploration and color with you: painted dreams. I will be creating photographs with elements of fantasy, hints of magic or fiction, and above all, whispers of a story within the image - something I have been yearning to do for a long time. I'll take some time to possibly look over and re-edit some of my previously taken photos as well. At the same time, I'll carry on with my usual photo work.

I'm not sure why I never thought to venture out on this road of experimentation before, but better late than never! And it's never too late! I'm sure this will be a fantastic learning experience for me, and I can't wait to see what kind of stories and images come out of this project. I'm excited to meet and work with new people as well! Anyone interested in working together, feel free to write me.

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