Tuesday, May 20, 2014

paint with stars x KAWAIILABO: Ueno Sunset

The other day, I had a fantastic time doing another photoshoot collaboration with Junko of KAWAIILABO. I absolutely love her styling choices and makeup for this time's shoot as well. We wandered around the streets of Ueno, which Junko told me she knew quite well since she used to go to school around there. Afterwards, we headed into the park for a short while, and came upon some extremely friendly stray cats near the shrine. When Junko went over to pet one of them, it meowed and rolled over to show its tummy! So happy to be fellow cat lovers :) Junko, shooting with you is always such spontaneous fun! Thank you so much!!

In a recent blog entry, Junko mentioned that she doesn't choose her outfits to be popular with guys. To her, fashion is self-expression, and I just love to hear such empowering statements from women. Let's be beautiful for ourselves first!

To see more of Junko's photography, modeling, and fashion work, head over to her awesome blog at KAWAIILABO!