Saturday, May 3, 2014

paint with stars x KAWAIILABO: The Meaning of Loneliness

A while back, I stumbled across the website of KAWAIILABO by Junko Suzuki, and I was extremely impressed by her gorgeous, high-quality photographs, lovely self-portraits, and wonderful sense of style. Along with running her active fashion blog, Junko is also a creative director and photographer. We only had a short time to shoot with the fading late afternoon light on that rainy day, but in the span of about 30 minutes, we managed to create some images that I really love! Despite our meeting for the first time, and also being in a bit of a rush, Junko was so friendly and open to trying new ideas - it felt so easy and fun shooting with her. She really effortlessly captured the camera throughout our shoot. Please do check out the work of this multi-talented and beautiful creator at KAWAIILABO!

Junko, thank you so much for making time for this shoot, and I can't wait to work together again!