Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tokyo Fashion Photography: Eden Lookbook

A few months ago, I was contacted by Louise about shooting some photos for her fashion label Eden, and I was very excited to have the opportunity to work together. Samantha of Letters Impromptu agreed to model for the shoot, and I'm so happy she did! Outfit after outfit shone on her, and although this was a much longer shoot than our usual ones in the past, she continued to work with unwavering patience, resulting in some beautiful images for Eden's lookbook and website. Eden's style is, self-proclaimed, "a touch of rock star with a shimmering of goddess" - flowing and feminine, yet strong and confident. It was a joy and an honor to complete this project together. Thank you so much, Samantha and Louise!

Please check out the Eden label's newly opened website here:

Don't forget to check Samantha's blog, where she will setting up an Eden giveaway soon: Letters Impromptu

I'd like to share a few favorite shots I took during the shoot: