Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tokyo Fashion Photography: Mitchell

Phew, feels like it's been a while since I've put up some new content! The reason is that I've been super busy preparing and moving in Tokyo. My new place is quiet and a little further away from the center of Tokyo; I can't wait to explore around for good shooting locations nearby. But first, to properly settle in... my home is still in a half-unpacked state. I miss going out to shoot portraits for Portraits of Tokyo as well..!

The other day, I took a quick break from moving craziness to do this photoshoot with Mitchell, who's from Australia. He came to Tokyo as a student, and recently began doing some modeling work here. During our shoot, he told me about a filming that took about 11 hours (!!), doing the same takes over and over in order to get them all in different camera angles. I admire both the staff and the actors/models who make it through all day shoots like those.. it must be extremely exhausting!
On the day of our shoot, an icy pre-Spring wind was still blowing (enough already!), so luckily our shoot did not take 11 hours :) Mitchell, thanks so much for working with me! It was great to meet you.