Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tokyo Engagement Photography: Through the Rain

M and S first met through their German language class, but S didn't know he existed since he was always exactly blocked from her view by a pillar in the room.
It was after they both made it into a language immersion program in Germany that they got to know each other, and now they are engaged!

It was chilly and rainy in Tokyo on the day of their photoshoot, but the two of them had such positive attitudes, it was fun working together. I felt happy to see how much they support and care for each other :) Having just come from the 30 degrees weather in Singapore, where it had been pouring rain for the past few days, they joked that they had brought the rain with them.

M and S, I'm sure you'll be able to sail through any kind of weather and take care of each other through rain or shine! I truly wish you all the happiness in the world :) Thank you again for letting me capture a few of your pre-wedding memories!