Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tokyo Cherry Blossom Photoshoot with Irina

It was so warm and beautiful today in Tokyo (I passed by many Japanese girls saying "Hot!!" But no. Perfect weather to me.) that the cherry blossoms spread their petals into bloom! Quite a few trees are still only flower buds, but some have suddenly burst into soft shades of pink and white.

Irina, it was wonderful shooting together again and enjoying such a perfect spring afternoon with you! I had so much fun :) We both couldn't help whipping out our phones and taking photos for Instagram ;) It's sad that the spring season lasts such a short time in Japan.. but I guess that's what makes it all the more precious, this fleeting, quiet beauty.

I have a few spaces left, and the cherry blossom season in Tokyo will only be lasting for the next few weeks (through mid-April)! If you're interested in booking a cherry blossom photoshoot with me, feel free to write me here.