Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pie and Lemonade

Went for some pie and lemonade with Mimei on a cold, rainy evening at Bubby's Tokyo.
We were originally aiming for pancakes, but I found out later they only serve them until 4:00 PM.. bad planning on my part :(
The cherry pie was just delicious though, and so was the hot pink lemonade!
When I go for food or tea in Tokyo, I usually find myself going to Starbucks, cafes, family restaurants, or teishoku (Japanese style set meal) shops, but it's a refreshing change to come to a warm, vibrant, American-style place like Bubby's once in a while. I absolutely love Japanese food, but occasionally I get a sweet craving for good ol' breakfast foods and dessert :)
Thank you so much Mimei for the lovely evening!!

(Dessert before dinner.. mmhmm :)