Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Gintama Cosplay: Gintoki Sakata

After an experimental/portrait shoot with Christina, we finally set up another cosplay shoot: Gintoki Sakata of the anime Gintama! The last time we worked together on a cosplay shoot was in an evening modern setting in Akihabara, but this time we went by the river where there lay a stretch of golden grass. Unluckily, it decided to rain again and was an absolutely freezing day (too much for my weak California-spoiled self), but Christina and Vinci, both from Canada and used to months of snow, handled the chilly weather much better than I. Thank you both so much!! I love how these photos turned out!

Shooting cosplay is truly exciting, and very different from the portraits I usually shoot. I can't wait to try more, it's like escaping into a different world and capturing instants of it to bring back to reality.

Gintoki / Makeup / Costume: Mousseron
Photoshoot assistance and support by: Vinci