Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tokyo Portrait Photography: Arata


 Continuing my foray into the sunny fields of lighting! At least, this shoot with Arata (Bellona) was on a gorgeous sunny morning, and I decided to try two styles: my usual natural light style outdoors, and an indoors shoot in my little home studio. It's been a battle against myself for so long, both dreading artificial light and not mustering up the courage and effort to really study it, really practice. Personally, there's still nothing more beautiful than the bright, clean glow of natural sunlight to me - I love utilizing that kind of light the most to create my photos. However, the time has come - in fact, I really shouldn't have dreaded so much - to at least grasp by myself the basics of lighting in studio. If it can be said that I'm quite in love with natural light already, then perhaps it can also be said that I'm starting to build a slow and careful friendship with off-camera flash. Still so much to learn... bring it on!!

Just starting out with modeling work, Arata is from Nara and grew up dancing ballet. Although she's working to improve with photoshoots, she already has confidence with walking runways. A positive and sweet girl, she made it easy to create these photos together. Thank you, Arata!