Wednesday, February 5, 2014

LeftoverStudio DSLR Camera Bag Review

 My new camera bag finally arrived! I decided to do a quick review for this bag. For months, I had been searching for a reliable, roomy camera bag which also wasn't too much of a burden to carry (I'm not that great with carrying heavy luggage), yet looked unique and didn't shout "I'm a camera bag!" One day, I came upon LeftoverStudio's shop on Etsy, and their bags looked just perfect for my requirements. Each bag is handmade and shipped worldwide from India. The price range was also on the affordable side, compared to some other similar bags I had been looking at (such as the ONA bags).

 The inside of the bag is well padded, and can easily fit my Canon 5D Mark III with a lens on it, plus one more lens. (I chose the smaller messenger style bag.) Usually I carry only the body with one lens on it, but for some jobs I may need an extra lens or two, so I will carry the camera and put one or two more lenses in the bag. There is also room for other small miscellaneous necessities you may need to carry around, with pockets in the inner padded area and one big pocket on the outside.

 The bag snaps closed securely with two metal clasps, although it's slightly difficult to open compared with zipping bags - you'd need both hands to open and close it.

 Here is the side view, showing the strap clipping on to the side of the bag. The strap is quite sturdy, and long enough for adjustment to any height. When ordering, I asked the store owner if he could punch a few extra holes in the strap to compensate for my small stature, and he kindly complied. The bag lays comfortably against my waist/hip area, and it's easy to take out my camera and other items. Leaving the bag on for a long time can get a little heavy, but the top handle really helps with alleviating the weight.

 Back view of the bag. I've taken it through the rain and snow so far in Tokyo, and my camera was well protected.

 Detail of the clasp area. Up to now, I've always settled for bringing a small shoulder bag to carry my necessities, then slinging my camera around my shoulder. It can sometimes get annoying to handle so many things around my shoulders, and with my heavy camera dangling around my body, I often felt the need to protect the lens area from hitting something (especially in the crowded Tokyo trains). With this bag, it's so much easier to protect my camera and also be unobtrusive in crowded areas. Not to mention, it looks great! I really wanted to have a camera bag that doesn't look like a camera bag, and I can see myself taking this one on trips as a carry-on. I will be continuing to try out this bag on my shoots around Tokyo in coming days. I would highly recommend this bag for photographers, videographers, or anyone who needs a good looking medium-size bag for carrying around their supplies. Thanks very much to Oz of LeftoverStudio for the great bag!