Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Night Musings

I've just revised the header and top layout of this blog a little, to give it a cleaner and more accessible look. Quite happy with it at the moment! These days, Tokyo is finally warming up slightly... I daresay the snow days are over, although small piles of dirty snow still line some streets. Passing through a park today, I saw the plum blossom trees starting to flower up vigorously - a sure sign of the coming spring.

Another spring to unfold here in Tokyo.

I used to take it for granted, or rather, I didn't really take time to think about it much during my English instructor / office worker days... but the more days and months I spend here, the more I think: Tokyo is sort of the city of endless possibilities. Sort of, because you have to reach out and make those possibilities come to life yourself. I've had my share of rough times and frustration and exhaustion in this city, but through all that, I still feel very very grateful that I was able to come here, and that I've been able to stay here so long. I have that first English teaching company to thank, for giving me the chance and the means to live here in the beginning. I have music to thank, for giving me some mystical and indestructible source of energy and passion that told me to forge onward. And here I am now, doing my best with photography, still in the learning and developing (no pun intended :) stage, really. It's still not at all easy. But I am overwhelmingly grateful for what I have now.

I could never have even gotten on this path, had I been alone. Thanks to other people and the way we met and connected in the world, no matter how brief, even a fleeting spark - they've fueled me, molded me in ways I couldn't have predicted. Thanks to the countless models and clients I've worked with over the past year or so, I was able to develop my skills little by little. Thanks to the other wonderful creatives and friends in my life, who continue to motivate and encourage me even during the hardest times. Thanks to so many I've crossed paths with in this city... as long as I remember that, I feel as though I have the courage to keep pushing myself, keep learning and growing.

Thank you for being here with me, for staying along this journey of mine.