Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tokyo Fashion Photography: Playground

It was a joy to do this photoshoot with the talented and pretty Katya. When we met up, she told me that she likes going without makeup, and I agreed - she really didn't need any for her natural beauty to show. I had fun chatting with Katya about her life in Tokyo so far, her exploration of the Shibuya area and fascination of Japanese fashion. She also told me that she loved the sushi she's tried in Tokyo! I've been having a lot of nabe this winter but not much fish; perhaps I'll have to go for some soon. Not to mention, she was so much braver than me about the cold weather, taking off her coat easily for the shooting despite me shivering in a coat and knit hat with numb fingers clutching my camera. (Spring, please come soon with your plum and cherry blossoms!)

Katya, thank you so much for spending time together to create these photos! Looking forward to seeing you again :)