Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tokyo Fashion Photography: Roppongi Streets

Went to have a bit of sushi with Katya, and snapped these photos along our way. We shared a small sushi set and a grilled squid with rice inside it (first time trying one of those!), and these came with a tiny salad and a bowl of miso soup. I'm so glad Katya liked it all! It was fun chatting over food and walking the streets, stopping by at a pet store where we stared longingly at the puppies and kittens. A lovely Sunday afternoon :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tokyo Musician Photography: Kayo

I had the pleasure of shooting photos for the lovely singer Kayo the other day and had a wonderful time! It was so great to meet her, Rie and Hiro - I really enjoyed working together as a team to create these photos. What's more, I even had the chance to hear Kayo sing a bit during our shoot, and wow she has a gorgeous voice :) I'm so happy that photography and music allow me to meet paths with other creatives like her. Kayo, thank you very much!

Beautiful smile :)
Artist's spirit
Looking so cool, and I love the hat!

Friday, January 24, 2014

"Runway" Charity Event by OGA for Aid at The Pink Cow, Roppongi

Angela, the director of non-profit organization OGA for Aid, invited me to help shoot some photos for the charity event "Runway" which was held at The Pink Cow in Roppongi. Here are a few of the photos I took at the event:

Please check the OGA for Aid Facebook Page and Official Website for the rest of the photos and for more information about the organization, which is focused on providing disaster relief. Angela and the OGA for Aid team, as well as all of the staff at The Pink Cow, thank you so much for putting on a wonderful event!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Tokyo Photography: Kichijoji & Inokashira Park

It's been quite a long while since I last visited Kichijoji. Today was relatively warm, without the icy whipping wind of the other day, so it was quite comfortable to be outside in the late afternoon. I decided to talk a walk over to Inokashira Park and explore it a little.

This bear seems to agree.. perfect afternoon for some relax time!
So many shops with interesting little antiques and colorful interior items.. I could look for ages.

This is the area of Kichijoji that is famous for housing the Ghibli Museum, which I'm ashamed to say I haven't ever visited yet after over 4 years in Tokyo! (Well I haven't been to Tokyo Disneyland either.) I just rewatched Howl's Moving Castle the other day, one of my absolute favorites - perhaps I should finally go about reserving tickets at a conbini and getting out to the museum one of these days. I'm also quite curious about the small Inokashira Park Zoo, which was closed when I arrived at the park.

Sailing across the water.
Swan boats.. I want to try one day!
Near the Inokashira Park Zoo entrance.
Lovely fountain in the water.
More boats!

There existed an atmosphere of peace and relaxation about the park, with joggers and dog walkers passing me by on the paths, a handful of tourists taking photos, and even more non-tourists taking photos as well. It was a beautiful day to take a stroll around the lake. Carp colored in shades of red, orange, white and black swam lazily underneath bridges, gaping at me in anticipation if I happened to lean over the side to see them more closely.

These reflections of branches caught my eye.

Sorry, I don't have any food for you :(
No Fishing!
Signs pointing out where to go in the park.

At the park, sunset seemed to take twice or three times longer than usual. On the streets and in the city, sunset happens in an instant almost - the sun slips below the buildings and darkness arrives. At Inokashira, the light slipped lower and lower, but golden rays remained stubbornly wrapped around treetops, glowing their way through bare branches, skittering across the gently rippling water surface.

A shy dove.. I love the pattern of mahogany and black across its wings.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tokyo Fashion Photography: Playground

It was a joy to do this photoshoot with the talented and pretty Katya. When we met up, she told me that she likes going without makeup, and I agreed - she really didn't need any for her natural beauty to show. I had fun chatting with Katya about her life in Tokyo so far, her exploration of the Shibuya area and fascination of Japanese fashion. She also told me that she loved the sushi she's tried in Tokyo! I've been having a lot of nabe this winter but not much fish; perhaps I'll have to go for some soon. Not to mention, she was so much braver than me about the cold weather, taking off her coat easily for the shooting despite me shivering in a coat and knit hat with numb fingers clutching my camera. (Spring, please come soon with your plum and cherry blossoms!)

Katya, thank you so much for spending time together to create these photos! Looking forward to seeing you again :)