Monday, December 30, 2013

Thank you, 2013.

Tomorrow is the last day of this year. One more day, and that last digit of the year changes yet again. What a year it's been...

This year truly marked many changes and new beginnings for me, and I won't hesitate to say that it's been the best one so far. I hope that proves to be true for the next year, and the next...

I'm grateful that I could visit my family and friends back in California this year.
I love Tokyo, but part of my heart always belongs to my beloved Cali :)
(still have many photos to share from the trip, so it looks like I'll be posting them into 2014!)

At one of my favorite places, Hawk Hill at Marin Headlands just past the Golden Gate Bridge.

I'm grateful for the love and support from family back in the US. Spending time with them earlier this month gave me a great deal of strength and peace of mind.
I'm thankful for the encouragement and kindness from my friends, who have really helped me more than they know.

I'm grateful to all of the clients I worked with and all of the supporters of my photography and music, who have helped to make my dream a reality.
There's so much more, but... where words may not be adequate to describe a feeling, perhaps sometimes a photo might be.

In 2014, I'll continue to do my best to work hard, live life to the fullest, and stay true to myself. Thank you so much to all of you who have helped and continue to help me make all that happen. I wish from the bottom of my heart that next year will be full of joy and be the best year yet for you. Let's live!