Tuesday, December 24, 2013

One Day in San Francisco

Being back in Tokyo already is a bit surreal. It's as though my trip to California slid by on a downhill slope, gradually picking up speed until it was already time to head to SFO again. Since I was relying on wi-fi only rather than the constant internet I have in Japan, I checked email and social networks only occasionally. Yet, the days were filled with many things to do, and it was refreshing not to be glancing at my phone every few moments - I found myself placing importance on different things, such as exploring and taking in the scenery around me. Here are the photos and views from one day.


It was cold upon arriving in California, but the weather gradually warmed up. Daytime was comfortable, night a bit chilly. It was beautifully sunny every single day.  


Minestrone soup at a local Italian restaurant. Yum!


The leaves were still painted with autumn colors.


 Taking the Caltrain to San Francisco! It'd been a while.

Arriving at San Francisco station. Gorgeous sunny day.