Monday, December 9, 2013

Beautiful California

It's good to be back for a trip in the Bay Area! I definitely had trouble deciding what lenses to pack (of course I wanted to bring all of them..), but I decided it would be a fun challenge to bring only my 35mm for the entire trip. So far, I love the results! That and my iPhone camera have been more than sufficient. Here are a few snapshots from the first days.


Haneda Airport.

Always a beautiful sight to see.

Due to an unusual cold snap or something, it has been colder here in the bay than back in Tokyo..! Although I guess it's good prep for when it gets colder in Tokyo later on. Luckily, it was an amazingly clear day in San Francisco, and we had a perfect view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city. Each time I come back, it's as though time slows down.. and it's as though I've never left.