Friday, November 1, 2013

Tokyo Portrait Photography: Hannah

Recently, Joanne kindly asked me to shoot some cast headshots for the program of her play, Night Must Fall (opening in December). Stumbling hesitantly into their rehearsal space, I met the director of the production, Hannah Weakley. I've never attended a theater production in Tokyo before, and it was my first time in such an environment; the creative energy and expression were so exciting to see. Acting is an unknown world to me, and although I've played quite a few music lives, I'm still overcome with an urge to the run in the opposite direction if confronted with a stage. However, some are simply born for it. Hannah didn't really choose acting - acting chose her. From a young age, she found it so natural that there wasn't really a need to look elsewhere. I am so happy that through photography, I'm able to meet such passionate and dedicated people. Thank you again, Hannah!

If you have a chance, be sure to check out the play Night Must Fall, showing December 5-8 at Theater BonBon in Nakano! More details here and reserve tickets here!