Friday, November 15, 2013

Tokyo Newborn Photography: Tauna, Erik, and Baby Nozomi

Recently, I had the absolute joy of taking some photos for Tauna and Erik's beautiful new baby, Nozomi. When I arrived at their home, Nozomi was still sleeping, but she gradually woke up and let me capture some images of her interaction with her parents. For me, it is such a breathtaking experience to photograph newborns - every little expression and gesture, every detail seems to deserve a frame of its own.

She might be saying, "Nooo let me sleep!" :)

Tiny hands and fingers.


Gorgeous eyes.

Smiling at Daddy!

Feeling safe in Mommy's arms.

One of my favorites - what an amazingly cute face!!


Tauna, Erik, and Nozomi - thank you so much for the sweet moments! :) I absolutely loved taking these photos for you, and I truly wish all the best for your family.

Speaking of kids and newborns in Tokyo, I'd like to give another shout-out to the Tokyo Kids website! It is a wonderful resource filled with information and tips for families in the Tokyo area. Recently, they even have some recipes for Christmas treats to make together with the kids! Do check it out :)