Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tokyo Portrait Photography: Jevon


 Jevon and I met about two years ago, when I transitioned out of my English teaching job and into my first office job in Japan. I remember meeting her when I first went in for the company interview, and thinking how knowledgeable and professional she seemed. After many months of traveling all over the Tokyo area teaching various types of classes, it would be a while before I could adjust to sitting down in one place, facing the computer all day. However, having Jevon there made things so much better. Although our office didn't allow chatting during work time, we would sometimes sneak a few words to each other or meet up to talk a bit after work. We gradually shared stories of our ambitions and hopes, worries and doubts. We eventually moved on from that company, but I am so glad that we still keep in touch and are able to meet up once in a while.

Jevon, thank you for being the beautiful person you are, and for being a great friend. I am honored to have taken these photos for you :)

The afternoon lighting was so pretty, and early fall weather just perfect.