Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tokyo Engagement Photography: Endi & Dinh Huy


Endi and Dinh Huy first met each other at the customs check area at the airport, both rushing and late to board their plane. This is how they discovered that they both went to the same university. For this kind of serendipitous meeting, it is hard to say that it was anything other than destiny. We spent a rainy afternoon doing their engagement photoshoot around Tokyo, and their warm, positive spirits chased the rainy gloom away. Endi looked so amazingly pretty in her traditional ao dai and elegant white wedding gown, and Dinh Huy so handsome in his suit. It was more than worth shooting with one hand on the umbrella, to capture their shining smiles and their supportive attitudes toward each other. Endi, Dinh Huy, thank you both so much for the amazing afternoon! I wish you all the happiness that the future can bring.