Friday, October 4, 2013

Beyond Comprehension


 Sometimes, I find it difficult to understand the negativity and prejudice that can come from people out there. I know everyone has grown up in different circumstances, has suffered different losses and disappointments, and deals with what life tosses at them in different ways. But yet, I still cannot comprehend it. What is the point of obsessing over such silly, insignificant things, obsolete concepts built by old-fashioned thinking? What is the point, when there are much more pressing real problems out there, which affect everyone as human beings, and also when everyone shares the same sadness, tears, hopes, and dreams?

I cannot help but feel bewildered at this. And if anyone were to ask me, and even if they weren't to ask me at all, I cannot help but be direct about this. People are people. No matter what background they came from, what race they were born, which gender they love. I wish so much that there could be more open-mindedness, more acceptance and understanding. How can it make sense that blame is forced upon an entire group of people when it is the very different individuals that make up the group? How is it right to ridicule and pinpoint faults upon someone simply on the basis of what they were born as?

Everyone is unique, everyone has the potential to give something, and everyone has the right to be happy, to live life in the way they hope to. Now if only everyone would realize that it applies to everyone else.