Monday, October 28, 2013

A light glows in the dark


 Came across this shop again lately - a store always passed but never entered until the other day. In the inky darkness, it always stood out with its glowing, inviting lights. Upon stepping inside, I discovered that the warmth was created by a multitude of hanging lights, some modern, some with quite vintage looks. There were unique ornaments, decorations, whimsical items which could be displayed lovingly on a bookcase or coffee table. Such a pretty little store. The owner must have put it together out of love for objects such as these - even if not quite practical or not the most affordable, objects that create a certain atmosphere, a romantic air that reminds you to live and breathe.


Tokyo is filled with lights in the night, little and big. Office buildings etched with them, creating lego-block blankets. Another end of October is here, and the late evening contracts with winter's breath.