Friday, September 27, 2013

Tokyo Portrait Photographer | A Tokyo Night with Michi


We met up near at the station exit just as dusk was starting to approach. It had been a while since our last shoot together, but Michi was looking lovely as always. After grabbing a few shots with the remaining daylight on the street, we entered a nearby Starbucks for a brief coffee break. The place was overflowing with customers, more than I had expected - and I remembered it was a 3-day weekend in Japan, so more people were out and about than usual. Rather than wait for a seat, we took our drinks out to the sidewalk outside and sat on the low stone wall, chatting and watching people pass.

This must be one of the things I love most about being a photographer. There's nothing better than being able to meet up and talk with people that I would never have been able to meet otherwise, to share our stories, talk about our lives. The art and the urge to create connects us, even from across huge distances.


As the sun continues to dim and the street lights glow brighter, we feel the chill of autumn in the air. So, summer is really over, isn't it? I'm a little sad by this, but filled with anticipation at the same time. The slightly cold air brings back whirls of nostalgia, memories of my first winter in Tokyo, scurrying from station to station on the way to different English classes I would teach. This winter will be so different. It is nice, this feeling of constant change.


Michi is gently illuminated by the city lights, her hair golden and swaying in the night wind. I didn't bring any flash equipment this night, but the ambient light is just enough to capture a feeling of this city, this Tokyo atmosphere wrapped around Michi.


Michi, thank you so much for shooting together again! I love these photos we created. And I know you will go far :)