Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tokyo Portrait Photographer | Kai

 Recently, I had the chance to shoot again with Kai! The style feels quite different from the photoshoot we did last year in the fall. I feel like we have both improved since then, and despite the hot Tokyo weather (which refuses to lower its temperature..! Come on, it's already September!), I'm really happy with the images we created. Thank you so much, Kai! I'm looking forward to working together again :)

It's interesting how Kai also thought that the time in Tokyo passes by scarily fast. When we met for our first shoot, he had just arrived in Tokyo not long ago - now, it's already been about a year. In the blink of eye, scenery changes and people pass in and out of your life in blurred paths.. it kind of forces you to focus your perspective, grasp on to what you really want to hold on to, and shape your own life. I think that's part of the unique energy of Tokyo, and why I feel so motivated here, almost like I need to get things done and do them in a way that I won't regret. Maybe big cities are like this?