Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tokyo Kids - Official Guide to Tokyo With Kids


 Today, I would like to share with you all a wonderful resource for families in Tokyo: Tokyo Kids! This fantastic website and community was started up by Angela and Paula, who teamed up to create Tokyo Kids after not being able to find much information on kid-friendly activities and resources in Tokyo, especially in English. Although the website was founded early this year, it is already a fast-growing community gathering a large number of readers, as well as sponsors and partners. For families with children, it must be such a relief to come across Tokyo Kids and have such useful information all in one place!

The website includes posts on upcoming kid-friendly events in Tokyo, activities to do with kids such as crafts and cooking, and helpful information on services in Tokyo such as playgroups, babysitters, classes, and workshops. They also maintain active Twitter and Facebook pages where you can check the latest updates.

Here are just a few examples of their great content:


This snack looks delicious, and so much fun to make with kids!


What a fantastic idea and great way to recycle toilet rolls instead of simply tossing them!
Imagine the look on kids' faces when they see birds coming to feed at these handmade feeders!


Tokyo Kids is also running a family photo contest, and the winning family would become the next face of the Tokyo Kids flyer!

Also, Tokyo Kids has very kindly featured me in a spotlight here on their website! I'm happy to announce that we will be providing a special 10% discount on a family photoshoot session for those who sign up for the free Tokyo Kids email newsletter. This subscription would bring the latest updates at Tokyo Kids, as well as info on discounts and specials, directly to your email inbox. Check out the paint with stars spotlight here and sign up for the Tokyo Kids email subscription now to get your 10% off coupon for a family photoshoot! :)

I had the chance to meet up and speak with Tokyo Kids co-founder Angela recently (Angela, thank you so much for making the time to meet with me despite your busy schedule!), and I was so impressed by her passion and future plans for the website and community. As a parent in Tokyo, it can be so difficult to find information on events and activities for kids, child-friendly restaurants (that aren't smoky, etc), and especially good reliable resources for the international community. Not only for families with children in Tokyo, but for those planning to have children in the future, or even English teachers of children - I'm positive that many would find Tokyo Kids an essential asset.

Please check the following links to find out more about Tokyo Kids!