Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tokyo Engagement Photography: Mimei & Duncan


This photoshoot I took for Mimei and Duncan must be one of my all time favorites so far! It was just so wonderful to spend some time with them, and I'm so happy with how these photos all turned out. Although I did a photoshoot with them a while back, this one is even more special because 1. It wasn't raining for once!! :D, 2. this was a sort of engagement shoot, and 3. these two are just all around awesome and fun to be with. The weather was so perfect, nice and sunny with a hint of fall in the air.


Such power!!


All smiles :)


 The beautiful Mimei :) 本当に綺麗~☆


Duncan planking...for some reason.


 He seems to like trees!

I just loved capturing their expressions and the ways they interact with each other. It makes me so happy that these two talented and creative people found each other. And I'm happy that we could become friends.


 Lovely ballerinas!


 Mimei, Duncan, thank you both sooo very much for this amazing photoshoot and the wonderful time! I hope we can meet up again soon and talk more, and I'm always wishing for the very best for both of you. 
友達として応援してるから、頑張ってください☆ 本当にありがとう~!

Please check out their creative work at their websites below!

- a shared YouTube channel featuring both Mimei and Duncan making videos together!