Sunday, August 11, 2013


 Went on a small trip with Momo in search of a sunflower field in Tokyo. We found the place, but sadly there were only about three sunflowers in bloom...

It was a hot day, the sun beaming down strongly on our heads. Along the river, we passed some birdwatchers lugging huge cameras and lenses. There was a rare bird down near the water, and they were trying to get some good shots of it.
We continued on to the little field, and an orange cat appeared nearby.

 Although we didn't get to see the great expanse of sunflowers that we had expected, it was nice to explore somewhere new.

 On the way back, we dropped by this quiet shrine.

Speaking of summer, there's a Back-to-School sale going on over at Romwe here ! The sale starts today and lasts until August 18th. I remember the days when I hoped summer would never end, then get excited as the first day back to school was approaching again.. :)