Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Matsuri in Tokyo 東京祭りの夜

 There happened to be a small matsuri (festival) going on nearby, so after work I was able to quickly drop by. All summer, I've been longing to go to a matsuri, but I've been so busy and wrapped up with things somehow that I haven't had the chance, despite hearing of so many all around! This one was just about finishing as I got there, but I was so excited all the same.

今度は出来れば浴衣を着て祭りに行きたいなあ(^-^) ずっと前からの夢なので(笑)


I was thinking I really wanted to try!! But so many kids were surrounding it, I felt slightly embarrassed.. so I didn't.

  金魚すくい!!わいー(^0^) やってみたい。。かもしれないけど、金魚が取れたらどうしよう??うまくケアー出来るかな??ねこもいるし、きっと食べられちゃう。。

Goldfish catching! One of the traditional activities at a Japanese matsuri, and one that I get really excited about for some reason! I wanted to try.. but what if I actually caught some goldfish?? Would I be able to actually for them? Would my cat eat them?? Thinking those kind of things, I decided not to try this time.


Cute octopi!

They had this nice covered space set up for eating the yummy treats visitors bought! Even equipped with these fans. So thoughtful!

 明太子マヨとラムネ♪ 夏だな~!

Mentaiko mayonnaise takoyaki and ramune drink! Feels like summer.

 I'm so happy I had the chance to drop by this little festival, and I hope it's not the last one for me this summer. This kind of atmosphere is really one of my favorite things about Japan, and I want to experience many more festivals, events, and traditions around Japan sometime. At this festival, I tasted the amazing takoyaki, bubbling ramune and a sugar butter crepe :) Next time, I'm aiming for some jaga butter (buttered potato) and ikayaki (grilled squid)!