Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fleeting Moments

 On the other end of this path called Life, what kind of place is waiting?
Does it depend on the choices we've made, the actions we've taken or haven't taken? Our intentions, successes, and failures?

I don't know if there exists a Heaven, or if souls are reassessed and recycled into new life forms, or if all the efforts and built up consciousness simply disappear into nothingness. It is a scary thing to think to about. As a child, it felt as though time could stretch on forever and ever. But now time keeps rushing faster and faster forward. It's probably the unrelenting flow of time that makes moments take on meaning - sunsets, a few hours spend with a friend, words of encouragement, even love. They're all fleeting and we grasp at them, embrace them until they wisp through our arms and past our fingertips. And even after they've passed into only the realms of memory, we continue to reach for new moments.

 If only we could learn to forgive and let go of anger more often. If only we could learn to live more in the present instead of the past, and give love when we can. The delicate balance of life is so easily broken, the end of the path so quickly reached. 

I want to capture as much as I can through words and in photos, to record those fleeting moments that sometimes we can't even remember anymore. The soft light of a morning, laughter and words exchanged, the warm smells of a meal cooked and shared. Crisp crackling of leaves underfoot, wind stirring our hair. Everything can be a part of happiness, if we want it to.