Thursday, August 1, 2013

Artwork by Delilah (dancing in my awkward arms)

Today, I would like to introduce the amazing and talented Delilah, who is currently a student and aspiring fashion illustrator. I first stumbled across her work when I received a comment from her in my blog, and I immediately felt drawn to her vivid and colorful artwork style. Delilah created this beautiful illustration above for paint with stars, and I absolutely love it! She mentioned that I should try shooting with a film camera, and that is something I definitely aim to try in the future.

I'm so happy to connect with a wonderful artist like Delilah, and I really wanted to share her artwork with you all. Please check out her blog, dancing in my awkward arms, to see more of her fantastic work!

Seeing Delilah's drawings made me remember a time back in middle school when I loved drawing so much, and thought I wanted to become a manga artist... :) I want to try drawing again too, just for fun.

Delilah, thank you so much for creating this beautiful drawing, and I'm looking forward to seeing many more of your future work!