Monday, July 29, 2013

Tokyo Art Aquarium

 The other day, I attended this unbelievably beautiful Art Aquarium exhibit in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. It was the first time I've seen an art exhibit of this kind, employing the use of real, live fish! Each piece of "artwork" was created from a differently shaped tank filled with swimming goldfish of all kinds, and various color-changing lights set the water aglow.

 This piece included a strangely shaped tank wall and tons of glittering colored glass balls at the tank's bottom. I wonder what this little goldfish must have been thinking...?

 Many visitors flocked to the Art Aquarium exhibit on this hot summer afternoon, and they all seemed as mesmerized as I felt.

 I wonder if the goldfish felt confused or dizzy from the changing lights and mysterious music playing throughout the exhibit?


And finally, I came to "The Four Seasons Aquarium" (水中四季絵巻).
 There was a kind of live movie/animation of the four seasons in Japan, projected against a huge aquarium tank. The effect was like a dream, and I couldn't take my eyes off it.





There are so many interesting exhibits and events going on around Tokyo, and I hope I can find out about more of them and take the time to visit! This was definitely a sight worth seeing.