Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ocean of No Regrets~海~

 The beach at Odaiba. This is my first time setting foot in the water, letting my toes sink bare into the sand. The pebbles aren't very white, nor is the water very blue. But I am elated.

The waves rush up gladly to accommodate my legs, carrying away pieces of sand. So warm. The salty ocean air fills my nose, bringing me to a joyful state of peace. Something about being at the ocean again just makes me so senselessly happy. These waves spread on and on, miles and miles beyond Odaiba and past this country, rolling into currents and traveling their way across the world. The ocean is so huge, and I am such a tiny thing in comparison.

 Is it all right for me to let go of this piece, this concept of "right" that I have latched on to automatically since a long long time ago, in order to set out on this ocean? There are so many things to see and do. Some, I can already blurrily make out in the distance, and if I could just sail a little bit closer, I might be within range. I might be able to make a path. I might be able to make many, on my own.

 "It's all right," the ocean says, beckoning as it laps at my feet. "Let the water carry you where you want to go. Once you feel at ease with yourself, swim with all your might in the direction you wish."

The ocean is right, but land still tugs at the bottoms of my feet. Sand clings tightly on as soon as I step back out of the water, calling me to stay with them, here on firm and stable ground.

 Should I stay with the familiar? Or should I step out into the unknown?

 The ocean has already got me in its grasp. What's more, I am willingly, blissfully taken into the water. There in the swirling waves, I come to the realization that I have the choice - the choice to swim on or search back for land anytime. But what I would regret the most is not trying.

 As we leave Odaiba, the ferris wheel lights glow out in the darkness, colors shifting and changing. That's just like us, isn't it? We keep altering our colors, reaching higher into the sky. Unlike the wheel, we have the choice not to keep spinning in the same path. All it takes is a decision, a strong will, and extremely hard work. 



For us.
Let's go the way we were meant to be.