Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tokyo Fashion Photographer | Anastasia M.

 Here are some of my favorite images from a Tokyo photoshoot I did with the pretty and talented Anastasia! One of the things I liked about shooting with Anastasia is that she had clear ideas about how to express herself throughout the shoot. She has such a wide range of expressions, from young and innocent to mature and powerful... it was a fantastic experience just to spend this time together and create these photos.

Firey spirit!

on a beautiful summer day in the park! 
Model: Anastasia (axelle model management)

Anastasia, I loved doing this photoshoot with you! I wish you all the best and am looking forward to the day we can shoot together again :)

Tokyo Fashion Photographer | Isabela

 I am so excited and happy to finally share these pieces from a Tokyo photoshoot with the gorgeous Isabela. Not only was Isabela a natural in front of the camera, she was also a very sweet person and kept a smile as we went about setting up shots, despite the hot July weather in Tokyo. Isabela is from Brazil and came here to Japan for the first time not long ago. After the shoot, I ended up doing my best to give her train instructions to Tokyo Disneyland! Aww, I wanna go one day :)

 Lovely eyes!

 One of my favorite photos from the day :)

 Model: Isabela (axelle model management)

Isabela, thank you so much for this wonderful shoot together! It was so much fun spending the afternoon with you and Anastasia (whose photos will be coming up soon :). I can't wait to work together again one day! 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Changes at paint with stars

So even after a long day of work at the office, apparently I can come home and continue to spend hours more work on website things... well, it's paid off! Now I'd like to share with you guys several changes that have happened here at paint with stars:

1.  I have added a new "Featured" page on the top area! Here. I've been thinking of creating one for a very long time. This page serves to share some of the places around the web where my work has been posted and featured. So far I've posted some of my work with models, musicians, a clothing brand, an interview, and more. Please check back as I continue to update the "Featured" page!

2.  This one has already been here for a little while, but I've added a Bloglovin banner to the side of this website. In the past, I used to just bookmark my favorite blogs and click to them manually since there were just a few. But as time passed and I started to follow more and more blogs, I found Bloglovin to be a great way to keep up to date with my favorite blogs' new posts. Since Google Reader closed down not long ago, it seems many people have made the move over to Bloglovin for blog following. If you haven't yet, please follow me here!

3.  Finally... the big one! Drumroll please! is now officially.... !

Yay!! I finally made the leap, and I'm so happy I did. The old blogpost links will still work, fortunately, so those URLs around the web will be automatically redirected. For those of you bookmarking this website, please update your bookmarks to !

There's still so much I hope to make happen for paint with stars, and just having this blog has been a great motivator for putting out new work and constantly striving to improve. I truly appreciate all of you who visit, follow my blog and take the time to read/view my work. With your help, I'm sure we can go even further. Thank you so much.

As always, I'm happy to hear from you! Feel free to say hi over at Facebook or Twitter anytime!

♥ Lisa

Tokyo Portrait Photography | Toshi in Shinjuku


 So we've already hit mid-July! So far, this month has been a satisfying combination of photoshoots, events, and outings. I'm excited to finally share this photoshoot with Toshi that we did in Shinjuku earlier in the month. Shinjuku always has so many interesting backgrounds, pockets of color and texture... I even stumbled across this great area (in the last three photos) for the first time! Big thanks to Toshi for taking us there and for being a fantastic model!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tokyo Fashion Photographer | Reina (玲奈)


This photoshoot with the enigmatic Reina is definitely one of my recent favorites. What I like about this girl is that she so effortlessly expresses herself for the camera - rather than constructed poses, she seems so natural and relaxed. Reina is amazing with the "cool" type of looks, but she also has a bright and adorable smile! I can tell that she has a lot of talent and can go far.

Model: Reina (玲奈), SOS Model Agency

We did this shoot along with Yumiko at Kagurazaka (神楽坂), a quiet, hilly neighborhood of Tokyo. This area had so many nice backgrounds and interesting settings to use for creating our images. The summer heat left me wishing for some ice cream by the end of the shoot. The humidity has crept up to the point that as soon as you step outside, you are enveloped by the thick air, a cloud of warmth. Not so much when we did this shoot last month, but especially since last and this week. I guess this will be continuing for another month or two before a cool breath signaling autumn arrives on the wind.

Yumiko (つじゆみこ)


Model: Tsuji Yumiko (つじゆみこ), Bellona Model Agency

I love how cheerful and happy Yumiko san looked in these photos! Some people are great at looking cool or serious in their photoshoots, but she is wonderful at expressing a bright and positive personality. I admit I'm usually more comfortable with the "cool" look when it comes to shooting with models, so this was a good challenge for me! No matter what kind of personality or style of expression the subject has, I want to be able to capture them as they are. It's not always easy, but it's definitely a lot of fun meeting different kinds of people and hearing about their lives. 

Even though it's been scorching hot lately, I'm continuing to do shoots! If you're outside for extended hours this summer, don't forget your sun protection! (maybe a cute hat like the one Yumiko is wearing in this shoot :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tokyo Model Photographer | Irie

I had the joy of doing a photoshoot with this sweet and beautiful girl, Irie! It was great to connect with another girl from the US who came over to Tokyo by herself. We enjoyed some peaceful moments in the last hour or two before sunset, and the most gorgeous light came out.


 Irie, thank you so much for shooting together! It was a pleasure to meet you and create these images together!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tokyo Model Photographer | Meghan


 Model: Meghan (axelle model management)

 It was so much fun shooting these photos with Meghan the other day. I loved how creative she was and willing to try out new ideas, resulting in some different perspectives that I hadn't tried before. I really enjoyed creating these images together! Thank you so much, Meghan!

It's just been so busy again the past week - I have plenty of new material I want to share, but just need to get enough time to edit and actually make posts! Please stay tuned :)